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When Glen first brought Secluded Springs in 1995, it was to share-farm sugarcane with his parents on the adjoining property.  The farm was a mixture of remnant vegetation next to the river, a large farm dam (or lake) and cleared land.  Sue joined him in 1997, and since then they have planted over 100 species of rare and tropical fruit trees and produced two daughters of their own.

Our philosophy is that as travellers ourselves, we know that a bed is just a bed... it can be anywhere in the world.  But the joy of travelling is the journey itself, the experiences and the people you meet.  Secluded Springs is our way of making those chance meetings happen a little more frequently. 

So if you want to hang out with a group of friends, or your own family, relax and take time out for yourself, plan a romantic getaway, learn a new skill during one of our workshop weekends or just relax by a campfire as Glen tells some of his legendary jokes, you should give us a try. 


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